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Wine is one of the most desirable products in agriculture. But producers must navigate an intricate web of challenges to ensure the product is ready for consumers: winemakers need to balance finance, storage, labor, blending, and other logistics, while uncertainties like climate variations, pests/disease, and market demand add further layers of complexity. All of this while hewing to regulations and stringent standards of quality, not to mention refining offerings to meet the demands of an evolving consumer palate without compromising the essence of long-standing  traditions. With so many variables, wineries must optimize every acre to manage complex supply, blend, and sales planning.


At the same time, wine producers need the technological infrastructure that supports next-generation innovation while mitigating and adapting to new levels of global climate change and economic risk.

A Next
Generation Platform

Easily reduce cost and optimize resources by accurately modeling your entire production network: Predict vineyard quality and yield; mitigate extreme weather risk; create cost- and labor-efficient production plans, harvest and crush schedules; and review multiple blend inventory scenarios until you find the optimal one.

Use the power of BlueCircle to make short and long-term planning decisions by factoring dozens of internal and external factors.


  • First cloud-native platform with advanced AI and optimization for every aspect of the vintage. Better software for better control over the entire grape and wine supply chain as well as ability to attract and train the best wine-growing talent.
  • Accurate year-round predictions supporting winery operations and S&OP.
  • Leverage AI for real-time alerts on erratic weather and other conditions that impact yield, quality, ripening and harvest to prepare for a more data-driven harvest scheduling.
  • Continuous improvements deployed to all users, such as new grower contracts, adopting regenerative practices, and more.
Optimize your wine supply chain with BlueCircle’s Dynamic
Season Yield Platform
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